Annual Meeting Silent Auction

2018 AACA Conference Silent Auction

On behalf of the AACA Brand Promotion Committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the first annual Silent Auction, to take place at this year’s AACA annual meeting in Atlanta, GA!

What is a silent auction?
A fun & engaging revenue generating attraction!

What is the purpose?
This is the BEST part! The purpose of the silent auction is to raise funds that will serve as student scholarships, enabling students to travel to future annual meetings. This year’s silent auction will provide travel funds for students to travel to a future AACA Annual Meeting. 

How does it work?
Auction items will be donated and displayed on tables in the vendor/ poster hall during the conference for all to see and inspect. Each item will be given an open bidding price (provided by individual who donated the item), and interested bidders simply write down their name and a bid that is higher than the previous bid. At the end of the bidding period (Wed of conference), the individual with the highest bid will receive the item (in exchange for the money bid).

Who should participate?
We would like ALL MEMBERS & CONFERENCE ATTENDEES to consider bringing a small item to donate towards the silent auction. All conference attendees can participate in the auction, irrespective of whether they donated an item or not. However, the more items donated, the more interesting & fun the auction will be!

What should be donated?
The item could be something from your hometown or home institution. Anything small & interesting (sorry, but we do not have the ability to receive shipped items, so it must be small enough to travel with you to the meeting). Examples include a copy of a book authored, hand crafted jewelry or other accessories, school sports items (like mugs, t-shirts, etc.), a small bottle of maple syrup (like from New England), gift certificates, services (that can be done across distance, like reviewing a CV, or something). Or perhaps ask your university bookstore if they have any slow moving merchandise they'd like to donate.  Vendors, we’d also like to ask you to donate something (like a textbook or 1 year subscription access). One member noted that a favorite item seen at a silent auction he attended was a handmade pen! How fun!

We hope you will join in on this fun & engaging way to support our future anatomists and membership!  Please bring your donated item(s) to the AACA registration upon your arrival. We will collect, organize, and display the items for all.

For any questions, please contact Christina Lewis at