Daniel O. Graney, Ph.D.

R. Benton Adkins, Jr. Distinguished Service Award - 2006

Dr. Daniel O. Graney is a professor in the Department of Biological Structure and an adjunct professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery. He completed his Ph.D. in Anatomy in 1964 at the University of California, San Francisco and a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Anatomy at Harvard Medical School. He was appointed to the U. W. faculty in 1966. His early scientific work was in Cell Biology, particularly the fine structure of intestinal epithelial transport. His primary teaching is in the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry as well as post-graduate teaching of residents in several surgical training programs. More recently he has also taught in the Outreach Program for the Medical Engineering Certificate and Master’s Degree Program. He has been named Teacher Superior in Perpetuity by the School of Medicine and has received the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award. He also worked in The School of Medicine Academic Affairs Office for several years and was Assistant Dean for Curriculum. Most recently his interest has been focused on the use of computers in medical education and the development of an interactive atlas of anatomy. He is also the Director of the School of Medicine Willed-Body Program.

Dan's outstanding record of service to the Association includes holding the positions of Program Secretary, Co-Chair of the Willed Body Directors Special Interest group, AACA Newsletter Editor, Meeting Host (Seattle, 1993), President-Elect, President, Past-President. In addition he chaired the search committee for the new Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Anatomy in 2000. All this in addition to his demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to the teaching of clinical gross anatomy. Daniel Graney exemplifies the nature of a typical R. Benton Adkins, Jr. Distinguished Service Awardee. The Association is proud have Dan be the 2nd recipient of this award.