Program and Meeting Committee

Meeting Oversight and Program Planning

Meeting and Oversight Program Planning Committee

Article VII, Section 5

The Meeting Oversight and Planning Committee is responsible for the overall organization, general content, and budget of each Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course; and it plans and sets the Association's long-term programmatic objectives for future meetings over a three (3)-year period. The Committee shall solicit formal invitations and decide the location, venue, duration, and dates for proposed annual meetings and related activities. The Committee oversees the implementation of each annual meeting plan as it pertains to the abstract review and selection process, special speakers, invitations, and program content delivery. It shall appoint: a member to serve as the Local Host for each meeting and a member to chair its Annual Meeting Committee. The Meeting Oversight and Planning Committee is comprised of all Officers of the Association, the Chairs of the Special Interest Committees, the Chair of each Annual Meeting Committee, and the Local Host for each Annual Scientific Meeting. The Meeting Manager serves as an ex officio non-voting member, and the Program Secretary serves as the Chair.

Executive Committee Members

2018 - 2021 Program Secretary - Jennifer Burgoon, Chair [email protected]
2019 - 2021 President - Robert Spinner ([email protected])
2019 - 2021 President-Elect - Tom Gest  ([email protected])
2019 - 2021 Past President - Marios Loukas ([email protected])
2019 - 2022 Treasurer - Anthony D'Antoni ([email protected])
2020 - 2023 Association Secretary - Sarah Greene ([email protected])

Special Interest Committees

Anatomical Services Committee, Co-Chair - Bobbi Morgan ([email protected]) and Eileen Kalmar ([email protected])
Brand Promo Committee Representative - Christina Lewis ([email protected]) and Soo Kim ([email protected])
Career Development Committee, Chair - Kirsten Moisio ([email protected])
Clinical Anatomical Terminology Committee, Co-Chairs - Chelsea Lohman ([email protected]) and Richard Tunstall ([email protected])
Educational Affairs Committee, Chair - Priti Mishall ([email protected])


Annual Program Committee Chair and Co-Chairs

2019 - 2020 Annual Meeting Chair - Anthony D'Antoni ([email protected]) and Estomih Mtui ([email protected])
2019 - 2020 Annual Meeting Co-Chair - Melissa Quinn ([email protected])
2020 - 2021 Annual Meeting Chair - Shane Tubbs ([email protected])
2020 - 2021 Annual Meeting Co-Chair - Yasmin Carter ([email protected])


AACA Meeting Manager

Caitlin Hyatt [email protected]

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