Statement on Racial Injustice and Violence

The American Association of Clinical Anatomists was founded to support, promote and advance anatomically and clinically-based scholarship in research, teaching, and curricular matters within the health science professions. We believe that Associations such as ours thrive when all people in our membership and leadership have an equal opportunity to contribute their talents and share their passion for the anatomical sciences.

The AACA strongly condemns racism – both personal and systemic - as well as bigotry. Such attitudes are antithetical to our mission and have no place in our Association. Progress in the Anatomical sciences is made possible by the selfless gifts made by human body donors all over the world. Their kindness, generosity, and bravery are attributes that are shared by all peoples and demonstrate the common humanity underlying our surface differences. Their willing gift to the improvement of society is in stark contrast to the lives tragically lost to the brutality of racial inequity. 

AACA’s 500+ members and leadership stand against racism and practices that marginalize any individual based upon their race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, religious belief, sexual orientation, age, or economic status. We can honor these individuals, and the many that fell before them, by propelling the movement of inclusivity forward, and denouncing any practice that prohibits fair treatment of an individual. AACA believes that no individual deserves to be marginalized in any area of their lives and we will make every effort to ensure that everyone is treated with respect and dignity. The AACA commits to embracing persons of color in our membership and within the leadership of our association.

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