Career Development Committee

Article VIII, Section 9, Subsection B

The Career Development Committee supports the professional growth of clinical anatomists at all academic ranks. The Committee fosters the development of quality anatomical research and scholarly educational endeavors. 

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The Career Development Committee shall support the professional growth of clinical anatomists at all academic ranks. The Committee shall foster the development of quality anatomical research and scholarly educational endeavors. The Committee is responsible for coordinating the judging of presentation awards at the Annual Scientific Meeting, and the Chair of the Committee will present the awards at the annual banquet.  Furthermore, the committee is responsible for the Career Development Symposium when scheduled by the Meeting Oversight and Program Planning Committee and for the Career Development Committee Reception at the Annual Scientific Meeting.

The Committee shall consist of six (6) members, each serving a three (3) year term. The President-Elect shall appoint one (1) member in the second year of his/her term, and the President shall appoint one (1) member in the first year of his/her term. One (1) member shall be nominated and elected by the Active Members in attendance at its annual open meeting.

Presidential Appointees

2019-2022: Kirsten Moisio, Chair, ([email protected])
2018-2021: Estomih Mtui ([email protected])
2020-2023: Quentin Fogg ([email protected])


Members Elected at Annual SIG Meeting of Committee

2018-2021: Eiman Abdel-Meguid ([email protected])
2019-2022: Adam Wilson ([email protected])
2020-2023: Padma Gadepally ([email protected])


Functions of the Career Development Committee

1. The mentor program: Members of the CDC will recruit and expand upon the current pool of mentors, published on the AACA website.  In order to further organize the mentor program in 2012, specific activities were added to the Mentor Reception held at the annual meeting to increase student interaction with mentors.  The CDC will continue to build upon and organize the mentor program.

2: Plan the Mentor Reception at each annual meeting: The CDC will work with the meeting manager, annual meeting committee chair, and the local host to plan and organize the annual Mentor Reception. Planning the Mentor Reception includes securing a date, time, location, food, agenda, and student book raffle.  The CDC must also request book donations from publishers and the presence of each author at the reception to sign their book for winning students.

3. Organize judging of student platform and poster presentations: The CDC members will recruit judges, develop and update scoring forms, assign judges to specific platform and poster presenters, provide each judge with a list of presentations to rate, inform students of judging process, and announce winners of awards. Members will also meet with judges at the annual meeting to address the process, expectations, and importance of judging. 

4. Organize and moderate the CDC Symposium: Considering the input from association members at the breakfast meeting, the CDC will develop a symposium topic every year, approximately two years in advance.  CDC members will recruit expert presenters, gather presenter pictures, titles, and biographies, and work with the annual meeting local host and meeting manager to manage meeting symposium logistics.

5. Monthly Meetings: CDC members will meet monthly via teleconference to plan and coordinate all committee activities.

Annual breakfast business meeting: A breakfast meeting is held at each annual AACA meeting and CDC members will plan the agenda and prepare discussion topics.  At the meeting, the CDC will gather symposium topics, hold a current topics discussion, and elect a new member.