Educational Affairs Committee

The Educational Affairs Committee shall promote the teaching of clinical anatomy, track national and international curricular changes, and develop educational initiatives that will benefit the Association's members, health care professionals, the educational community, and the general public. The Committee shall disseminate data and recommendations for best practices for all aspects of anatomical education as it relates to clinical practice. The Committee shall plan and implement the Educational Affairs Symposium when scheduled by the Meeting Oversight and Program Planning Committee.

The Committee shall consist of six (6) members, each serving a three (3) year term.  The President-Elect shall appoint one (1) member in the second year of his/her term, and the President shall appoint one (1) member in the first year of his/her term. One (1) member shall be nominated and elected by the Active Members in attendance at its annual open meeting.

Presidential Appointees

2018-2021: Priti Mishall, Chair ([email protected])
2019-2022: Eustathia Lela Giannaris ([email protected])
2020-2023: Dolgor Baatar ([email protected])


Members-at-Large Elected at Annual SIG Meeting of Committee

2018-2021: Saskia Richter ([email protected])
2019-2022: Krista Johansen ([email protected])
2020-2023: Haley Nation ([email protected])


Establishing liaison with other professional groups

Mark Jensen ([email protected]) reported on the AACA workshop at the 2001 Association of Surgical Educators (ASE) meeting in Nashville, TN that he and David Page co-ordinated. The event was entitled "Who Shot Clinical Anatomy.... and why do they want it to go away? The workshop was run in two sessions and was presented by Benton Adkins, Art Dalley, Brian MacPherson and Mark Jensen.

This initiative was borne out of the Educational Affairs Committee symposium at the16th Annual Meeting of the AACA in Iowa City (June, 1999). The symposium discussed the declining role of anatomy in medical education. Dr. Don Jacobs, Chair of the Curriculum Committee for the Association for Surgical Educators gave the keynote address at the Educational Affairs Symposium.

Presentation Abstract

Educational Affairs Committee Publications

To date the Educational Affairs Committee has been active defining topics typically covered in different anatomy-related courses. The list of publications to date is:

A Clinical Anatomy Curriculum for the Medical Student of the 21st Century: Gross Anatomy. Clin. Anat. 9: 71-99, 1996.

The Clinical Anatomy of Several Invasive Procedures. Clin. Anat. 12: 43-54, 1999.

Clinical Anatomy Curriculum for the Medical Student of the 21st Century: Developmental Anatomy. Clin. Anat. 13: 17-35, 2000.

Clinical Anatomy and the Physical Examination. Part I: The Thorax, Abdomen, Perineum and Pelvis. Clin. Anat. 14: 332-48, 2001.

The Clinical Anatomy of the Physical Examination. Part II: The Limbs, Back, Head and Neck. In preparation.