Financial Affairs Committee

Article VIII, Section 8

The Financial Affairs Committee oversees the establishment and management of an endowment fund, makes recommendations to the Council for maximizing financial resources, and reviews annually the Association's financial records. The Committee shall report quarterly to the Treasurer on all Association accounts and funds under its control. It shall consist of four members: two members nominated by the President and approved by the Council, one member nominated and elected by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting, and the Treasurer who serves ex officio as the non-voting chair.

Presidential Appointees (2017-2020)

2020-2023: Lonie Salskowski ([email protected])
2020-2023: Beom Sun Chung ([email protected]

Elected Member-at-Large (One Year Term)

2020-2021: Jon Jackson ([email protected])

Treasurer ex officio, Chair (non-voting)

Anthony D'Antoni ([email protected])