About the AACA Listserve

In March of 1995, the Association opened a listserve address (AACA List) that distributes messages to over 1000 individuals, including non-members, around the globe. Since its inception, over 7500 messages on a wide variety of topics have gone out to subscribers (average less than 1 per day). Topics of these messages include: information about the Association's activities, upcoming anatomical conferences, the Visible Human Project, embryology image databases, anomalies, nomenclature, the value of dissection, cadaver supplies and availability, donor/willed body programs, embalming procedures, lab safety and OSHA standards as it relates to phenol and formaldehyde levels, the practices of body parts brokers across the county, comments on computer programs, and a wide variety of curriculum and teaching issues.

In February of 2016, the List’s server at Einstein (AECOM) ended and the association began the migration to the new Listserver platform on Google.  We expect that the new listserve will be up and running by March of 2016.

All emails from this new Google Groups hosted listserv will come with the following subject prefix: [AACA-Listserv]

Members can choose different email options:

  1. Abridged Email: one summary email of new activity per day
  2. Digest Email: up to 25 full new messages in a single email
  3. All Email: send each message as it arrives

You can log in to the web archive of the group HERE.  You will be asked to provide a google account login and password, which allows google to verify your identity.  Anyone who uses gmail, has an institution using google for email, or uses google docs already has such an account.  AACA does not provide tech support for google, so please search within the google system if you have problems getting in.  With the web interface you can

  •          Post to the group
  •          Search past posts
  •          Change your email preferences

For any questions or if you would like to be added to the listserv, please contact Caitlin Hyatt at [email protected]

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Housekeeping Tips for Listserve Participants

#1: This is a Moderated Listserve.

All messages sent to [email protected] will be read prior to distribution to the list.

#2: E-mail Subject Descriptions.

We ask everyone to consider carefully the "Subject Description" which you attach to your messages. A good description not only makes it easier to search your e-mail Inbox for items of interest BUT it will also greatly facilitates future archiving efforts. Consider both specificity and uniqueness. Also, LIMIT message to ONE topic described in "Subject Description."

#3: Postings about Commercial Products.

We will entertain distributing messages pertaining to the availability, use and properties of commercial products provided that the message is primarily an educational or informational communication. Sales solicitations or promotional advertisements are not considered appropriate.

#4: E-mail Address Changes.

Please send all requests to change your email address to the following address: [email protected] 


To unsubscribe from the group, send an email to [email protected] or just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. 

The posting(s) of a person on a AACA Group in no way implies any form of endorsement by AACA of the facts, statements, or opinions expressed therein.

Participation in the Groups is offered to you on your acceptance of the terms, conditions and notices contained above. Violation of these rules will result in revoked privileges. By participation in the Groups, you agree to indemnify and hold AACA harmless from and against any damages arising out of or resulting from online conduct in the AACA Groups.

#6: Research Participation Request

All requests to members of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA) for participation or collaboration on a research project will be reviewed and approved by the AACA Council.  This includes requests made to the List-Serve or through Social Media accounts of the AACA.  Please complete the following form and inform [email protected] that you are awaiting their response.

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