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Clinical Anatomy is the official journal of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists, the British Association of Clinical Anatomists, the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa and the Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists.

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As an active (paid in good standing) member of the AACA you receive a hard copy of Clinical Anatomy mailed to you. In addition, you are entitled to access Clinical Anatomy electronically (giving you early access to accepted papers and access to all 20+ volumes now archived on-line) - email Lucy Woo at Wiley to make arrangements for you to get access.

Has your student (or one you know of) submitted a paper to Clinical Anatomy? He/she could be eligible for the Keith and Marion Moore Blue Box Award. See below for the details.

Goals of the Journal

The goal of Clinical Anatomy is to provide a medium for the exchange of current information between anatomists and clinicians. The journal embraces anatomy in all its aspects - gross, histologic, developmental, and neurologic - as applied to medical practice. Furthermore, the journal assists physicians in keeping abreast of new methodologies for patient management and informs educators of new developments in clinical anatomy and teaching techniques.

Clinical Anatomy publishes original and review articles of scientific, clinical, and educational interest. Papers covering the application of anatomic principles to the solution of clinical problems and/or the application of clinical observations to expand anatomic knowledge are welcomed.

The journal accepts articles in the following categories:

  • Original Communications
  • Original research in clinical anatomy
  • Medical Education
  • Viewpoints
  • Letters to the Editor



Founding Editors: Ralph Ger, MD & RJ Scothorne

Editor Emeritus: Stephen Carmichael, Ph.D.

Editor-in-Chief: R. Shane Tubbs, Ph.D., Seattle, WA

Senior Editor: Robert Spinner, M.D., Rochester, MN

Co-Editors: Thomas Gest, Ph.D., El Paso, TX

Anthony V. D'Antoni, New York, NY

Joe Iwanaga, DDS, Ph.D., Seattle, WA

Marios Loukas, MD, Ph.D., St. George’s, Grenada

Susan Strandring, Ph.D., DSc, MBE, London, United Kingdom

International Editors

BACA Editor: Philip Adds, London, United Kingdom

Assistant BACA Editor:Jenny Clancy, Ph.D.,Glasgow,United Kingdom

ASSA Editor: Graham Louw, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

ANZACA Editor: Stephanie Woodley, Ph.D., Dunedin, New Zealand


Submission Particulars

You can view the current Guidelines for Authors by clicking here

Clinical Anatomy requires the submitting author (only) to provide an ORCID iD when submitting his or her abstract.

All AACA/BACA and non-affiliated manuscripts must be submitted electronically through Manuscript Central. Point your web browser to http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ca-wiley. Check for an existing account by entering your e-mail address into the "Password Help" section on the right of the screen. If you are submitting for the first time, and you do not have an existing account, create a new account by clicking on the "Create Account" link. Follow all instructions.

Current Edition

Wiley-Liss, Inc., publisher of the journal, maintains an electronic Table of Contents for the journal on-line.  The journal site also contains abstracts and key words as well as entire articles as PDF files.   Issue content is available on-line within one week of the print journal.


Not Receiving Your Journal?

If you are a paid-up, active member of the Association, and have not been receiving your journal by mail, please contact our Clinical Anatomy subscription membership manager at Wiley-Liss, Inc., - Ms. Lucy Woo. You can contact her at [email protected] Ms. Woo will check to see if your name is in the mailing label file the AACA sends to her. If it is an address-related problem, she will fix it and arrange to have the issue(s) sent to your new address. If your name is not in the file, you will be referred to the Association Secretary or Treasurer to resolve the problem.

The AACA is endeavouring to keep our paid membership list and Wiley's label database as current as possible to prevent delivery/receipt issues. However, remember - YOU must do your part to keep your address current with the Association! You can add/update your personal card in the AACA database yourself by simply visiting the site and signing in.

The Keith and Marion Moore "Blue Box Award"

The Keith and Marion Moore "Blue Box" Award has been created by Dr. Keith L. Moore, a founding member of the AACA and well-known anatomy textbook author, as an award to recognize the best student-authored paper published in Clinical Anatomy annually. It is open to graduate and medical students. The "Blue Box" is used in his textbooks as an indicator of clinical significance, and is quite familiar to students.

The award is for the best student paper published in Clinical Anatomy during a given calendar year/journal volume. The awardee must be the first author on thepaper. The award will consist of a plaque and a check for $500. This award competition is open to graduate and medical students worldwide, even those who have received their PhD or MD's in the year that the paper is published. The student would be nominated by the student's supervisor or anatomy professor.

A Blue Box Award Committee of 3-5 AACA members will be appointed by the AACA President, with the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Anatomy being a member of the committee. The Award may not be presented each year, if a qualified student paper has not been published. The award would be announced and presented at the Annual AACA Meeting Banquet.