Tatsuo Sato, MD, Ph.D.

Honored Member Award 1997

Tatsuo Sato has been uniquely instrumental in medical education by promoting basic gross anatomy education from the viewpoints of both scientific research and clinical application.  He has been active in developing a core curriculum in medicine, and organizing the initial phases of  body donation programs in Japan.  Tatsuo was born May 5, 1937 in Sendai, Japan.  After receiving his M.D. from Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) in 1963, and following a year of residency, he passed his  national board exam to become a licensed physician in 1964.  Continuing his studies, he received his Ph.D. in anatomy from the TMDU Graduate School.

Following his first academic position as an Assistant Professor of Anatomy at Fukushima Medical College from 1968-1970, he became an Associate Professor of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine of Tohoku University in Sendai (1970-1973), then was promoted to Professor and Chairman of the 2nd Department of Anatomy of TMDU in 1974, serving in this capacity until 2003.   During that period, he facilitated education as the Dean of Students (1982-1984), and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (1995-2001).  In 2009, he became the President of Tokyo Ariake University of Medicine and Heath Sciences.

As noted above, Tatsuo Sato was instrumental in the development of the body donation foundation in Japan, and facilitated the practice of the Ministry of Education to send a letter of appreciation to the family of all body donors (1980), and key in implementing legislation for the new body donation law.  His research interests first focused on the morphological analysis of trunk musculature based upon their nerve supply.  From thee, he entered clinical anatomy research focusing on surgical anatomy for the preservation of the lymphatic system in cancer surgery.  In Japanese guidelines for cancer treatment, the classification and schemes of regional lymph nodes in various cancers were based upon his research studies.

Since the 1991 Joint  Meeting of the AACA & BACA in Norwich, England, Tatsuo has presented videos of his dissection demonstrations of lymphatics, autonomic nerves, and visceral fascia.  These videos are widely used for education of medical students and surgeons.  In addition to numerous anatomy textbooks in Japanese, in 1992 he published “A Color Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for Esophageal Cancer” with T. Iizuka.

In addition to serving on the editorial boards of  CLINICAL ANATOMY, SURGICAL and RADIOLOGICAL ANATOMY, and numerous Japanese anatomical journals, he was a founding member of the Japanese Research Society of Clinical Anatomy.  In addition to the field of anatomy, he also is an honored member of The Japan Esophageal Society, The Japanese Gastric Cancer Association, and the Japanese Breast Cancer Society.  IN 1997, Tatsuo Sato, M.D., Ph.D. was named Honored Member of the American Association of Clinical Anatomy.