James D. Collins, MD.

Honored Member Award 2017

Dr. James Collins was born in 1931 in Los Angeles. He attended local public schools. He completed Jefferson High School in 1949 where he lettered in gymnastics and swimming. He entered UCLA where he played football, enjoyed being a member of the swim team and won the Light Heavyweight Boxing Championship. While half way through his undergraduate studies, he was drafted by the Army and served two years. He was stationed in Texas then deployed to Ansbach, Germany for 18 months as a First Sergeant Medic where his wife Cecilia “Edith” and young son Keith accompanied him. Following an honorable discharge from the Army, Dr. Collins completed his undergraduate studies at UCLA and then earned his Master’s in Zoology from UCLA. During graduate school, his daughter Jelana was born and he worked in the Radiology Department to fund his graduate studies. Dr. Collins attended Meharry Medical School from 1959 to 1963. He completed his internship at the Los Angeles County General Hospital. In 1964, Dr. Collins was the first African American Radiology Resident to attend UCLA. Dr. Collins became the first African American Professor of Radiology at UCLA in 1968 the same year he became Board Certified in Radiology. His third child, Jenine, was born the following year. At the request of Dean Mellenkoft, Dr. Collins formulated a recruitment team for disadvantaged students to enter the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Collins has trained numerous medical students, interns and residents during his tenure at UCLA. During his 54 years of being a physician, 53 years have been spent at UCLA. In fact, with the exception of serving in the military, attending medical school and completed one year of internship, Dr. Collins has walked the campus of UCLA since the age of 16 for a total of 62 years.

James D. Collins, M.D. is a full-time Professor and General Radiologist in the UCLA Department of Radiological Sciences. He specializes in bilateral 3D MRI/MRA imaging of the brachial plexus, and has been performing these studies since 1985. The bilateral 3D MRI/MRA has provided anatomic evidence of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (compression of the bicuspid valves within the internal jugular and subclavian veins) for neurological evaluation and corrective physical therapy and surgery.

Dr. Collins has published extensively in journals such as Clinical Anatomy, National Medical Association, and Family Practice Recertification. He is a member of many professional societies, including the American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA), the British Association of Clinical Anatomists (BACA), the American Association of Anatomists (AAA), the Radiological Society of North America   (RSNA), the California Radiological Society (CRS), the Los Angeles Radiological Society (LARS), the Radiology Section of the National Medical Association (NMA), and the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) Honor Medical Society. Dr. Collins is currently the Radiology Editor for the Journal of National Medical Association and Radiology Rounds Section Editor for the Family Practice Recertification.