The Keith and Marion Moore Blue Box Award

The award is established by Dr. Keith L. Moore, a founding member of the AACA and well-known anatomy textbook author.  The Blue Box Award is for the best student paper published in Clinical Anatomy (CA) during a given calendar year/Journal volume. The awardee must be the first author on the paper. The award consists of a certificate and a check for $500. It is open to graduate and medical students worldwide, even those who have received their PhD or MD's in the year that the paper is published. The student can be nominated by the student's supervisor, anatomy professor, or the Editor-in-Chief of CA will arrange to have all eligible papers from the calendar year submitted to committee members.

A Blue Box Award Committee of 3-5 AACA members is appointed annually by the AACA President, with the Editor-in-Chief of CA being a member of the committee. The Award may not be presented in a given year, if a qualified student paper has not been published. The award is announced and presented at the Annual AACA Meeting Banquet if the author is in attendance.

2020 Blue Box Award Recipient: Sayed Abdulmotaleb Almoosawy

Sayed Abdulmotaleb Almoosawy is a medical student at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. His research paper illustrates an anatomical concept to help trainee cardiac surgeons in remembering the essential landmarks surrounding the aortic root. Sayed’s interest include cardiac anatomy and congenital cardiac defects.

The aortic root hexagon as an aide memoire to the important surgical landmarks
Sayed A. Almoosawy, Petra Lucka, Rhona Cummine, Keith Buchan. Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.