Stephen Carmichael, Ph.D., DSc.

R. Benton Adkins, Jr. Distinguished Service Award - 2013

Dr. Stephen Carmichael is a Founding member to the AACA and has served our Association in many capacities. Most notably, he was the Editor-in-Chief of our official journal, Clinical Anatomy, from 2000 until 2012. During that time Clinical Anatomy expanded from being the official journal of the AACA and BACA to also being the official journal of the Australia and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists (ANZACA) and the Association of Anatomy of Southern Africa (ASSA) thereby making our journal truly international. Dr. Carmichael expanded the influence of our journal in China and many other countries. Clinical Anatomy has become the major source of historic information on anatomy during the Third Reich, a dark period in our history that is finally coming to light. The Impact Factor of our journal significantly increased, and it has been over 1.0 for the past several years. Most significantly, the number of submitted manuscripts has increased from about 100/year to over 600/year, allowing our Editors to be more selective in publishing only high-quality articles.

Dr. Carmichael is Professor Emeritus of Anatomy and Orthopedic Surgery at the Mayo Clinic. He has had an exemplary career in neuroscience research, anatomy teaching (including gross anatomy, histology, and embryology), and administration (as Department Chair for 14 years).

Dr. Carmichael has been honored by many anatomical societies. These include the Distinguished Member Award of ASSA, Honorary Emeritus Member of ANZACA, A.J. Ladman AAA/Wiley Exemplary Service Award of the American Association of Anatomists, Honored Member of the Turkish Society of Anatomy and Clinical Anatomy among several others. He is the current chair of the gross anatomy group of the Federative Inter- national Program on Anatomical Terminology. He is the author or co-author of over 150 published articles (including one in Scientific American) and 8 books (including "Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro"). Dr. Carmichael has provided enthusiastic and continuous support for young clinical anatomists. We thank him for "setting the bar" as an example of distinguished service to the AACA.