Victor M. Spitzer, Ph.D.

Honored member 2014

Professor and Director, University of Colorado Center for Human Simulation

BS - Math/Physics, BA in Chemistry from Colorado State U (1971-72)
MS - Nuclear Eng, PhD in Physical Chemistry from U of Illinois (1976-77)

Joined the faculty of Radiology (1979) where he spent 13 years in Nuclear Medicine visualizing and analyzing human anatomy and physiology. In 1990 he moved into the big league when he joined the Anatomy Department at the University of Colorado to build a program of computer based photographic human anatomy using techniques developed in Radiology. These efforts gave rise to the Visible Human Project and has continued with further development and similar data, presenting form and function, visually, audibly and haptically through the power of computer analysis, visualization and simulation.

In 2006 he was honored as the Time Magazine “Person of the Year”.

His work will be complete when human anatomy, physiology, pathology, development, and evolution are coherently and seamlessly available in a virtual world for learning, design and research – the goal of the Center for Human Simulation, which he directs. In all probability his life will be complete long before his work.

In 1992 he formed a Colorado publishing company, Anatomical Visualization Inc., with anatomy partner and Visible Human co-PI, Dr. David Whitlock.

In 1998 he formed a medical simulation company, Touch of Life Technologies, Inc. (ToLTech), with three academic partners. ToLTech has grown with educational offerings in visualization of anatomy and simulation of anatomically-intensive medical procedures including arthroscopy, regional anesthesia, neuromuscular and image guided procedures.