Clinical Anatomical Terminology Committee Symposium

Clinical Anatomical Terminology Committee Symposium
Sunday, June 30th – Friday, July 2nd
Available Each Day


The CAT committee would like to invite AACA members to join our Symposium speaker, Kory Stamper, BA, for the 2021 Clinical Anatomical Terminology Committee Symposium titled, ""Prone" to Misunderstanding: Technical Terminology, Language Evolution, and the Problem of People."

The terminology of highly technical fields can be fraught in unexpected ways. How do you maintain a terminological standard when language is always changing? (Surprise: language is always changing!) How does plain language interface with technical terminology in general, and who decides what constitutes “plain language”? When is upholding a terminological standard part of maintaining the cohesiveness of a field, and when is it nothing more than gatekeeping? Lexicographer and author Kory Stamper will discuss how language changes, where technical terminology sits compared to general terminology, and whether changing views of anatomy and the language of anatomy among the general public should (or shouldn't) impact technical terminology.

Kory Stamper, BA (Senior Project Editor for American English, Cambridge University Press)

Biography: Kory Stamper has been a lexicographer and editor for two decades, and has grappled with everything from the meaning of "god" to the vagaries of "the.” Her writing on language, lexicography, and usage has appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and in her best-selling book Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries. She currently works with Cambridge Dictionaries as a senior editor of American English.