Application Process:

The AACA now only accepts membership applications by electronic format. 

Each applicant for Regular membership should understand that the Membership Committee may contact them requesting an electronic copy of their current Curriculum Vitae and that the person listed as their reference may be contacted for comment.

Simply click on the following link to access the electronic membership form. You can print a copy for your records before you submit.

Questions about membership? Contact our Membership Chair - Thomas Gest at [email protected]

The application process for membership in the AACA is conducted on a continual (rolling) basis. Once the application is received by the Membership Committee Chair, it is forwarded to all members of the Membership Committee. The Committee reviews each application and the Committee Chair then contacts the applicant by email, informing them of their status. Membership will become effective upon approval of the membership by the committee, at which time subscription to the official journal of the Association, Clinical Anatomy (Wiley-Liss), will be entered. All newly appointed members are ratified by Council at either its Interim (October) or Annual (July) meeting.

The current membership dues structure is:

Regular Membership
-electronic journal access: $150
-hard copy of the journal: $195

Associate membership: electronic/hard copy journal
-any type of student: $50/$195
-postdoc/resident: $100/$195

Affiliate membership*: - no journal: $50

Senior membership**:
-electronic access to the journal: $100
-hard copy of the journal: $195
-no journal: $0

*Must be 65 years of age and older. Member must be an AACA member for 5 years.

Honored membership:
-electronic access to the journal: $0
-hard copy of the journal: $195

*An option only for BACA, ASSA or ANZACA members who already subscribe to Clinical Anatomy
**65 years & older and no longer employed full-time.

Change in Membership Status?
If you have changed membership status (i.e. associate member now with a faculty appointment; Regular member having retired, etc.), simply contact AACA Headquarters with this information and someone will make the change in the AACA database. Our Treasurer - Dr. Anthony D'Antoni, can be reached at [email protected].

How Do I Pay My Dues?
You can now use your credit card to pay your AACA Annual Dues by one of two different modes depending upon your comfort level using credit cards online:

    • via our online form. Please click here to access our Member Dues form. 
    • via our secure online electronic merchant interface. Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and select the member area button. You will need to sign-in. If you haven't accessed the site before you will be prompted to set up a password. If you need an invoice to pay your dues by check you will need to email Kendra Tyner at [email protected]
    • Please note that there have been many safety features added by banks to prevent misuse of credit cards. This is for your safety. As a result, you need to be very precise about the payment process. A common error message is caused by improperly inputting the name on the credit card.  For example, if the name on the credit card uses a middle initial, that, MUST be included when inputting the name on the card.
    • Additionally, please make sure that the NAME on the credit card that is being used MATCHES the BILLING ADDRESS. The match needs to be exact.  If you are not sure, please check the address on the billing statement.  If your billing statement spells out words, such as "street," then please do not abbreviate the word as "st."  Again, banks require the name on the credit card to match the billing address.  If it does not match, you will recieve a "Declined" or "Fraud" notice.  This means that the transaction was not completed.
    • Please make sure to input your email address during the process. This ensures a quick turnaround for the process. We need your email to be able to contact you.
    • At the end of your order, please select the "Return to Merchant" button. By doing so, the PayPal system links your payment to your AACA receipt and reconciles your account. 
    • If you have difficulties with the process or are unsure if the transaction was processed, please contact Kendra Tyner at AACA headquarters via email at [email protected] and she will contact you to confirm the transaction or aid you in successfully paying.


  • Mail or Fax.  If you want to pay by check, you will be prompted for this method as you go through the payment process.  After you complete the process, if you need an invoice, please send an email to Kendra Tyner at [email protected]


How Can I be Reinstated to "Active" Status?
As of 2008, our membership period has been re-aligned to January through December 31st of any given year.  If you are paying late for any current year, you will automatically receive any backissues of Clinical Anatomy from January 1st of that year.

If you are 12 months or more past your last active membership, please contact AACA Headquarters at: [email protected] for instructions on how to become "active" again.

Where is My Journal?
PLEASE REMEMBER that ALL members are defaulted to the Electronic version of the journal.  You MUST contact AACA Headquarters, if you prefer the Hard Copy of the Journal.  Please do this prior to paying your dues so they can change your membership to the appropriate category.  However, if you feel (or know) that you have paid your membership dues for the Hard Copy for the current year and have not received the journal (Clinical Anatomy) contact AACA Headquarter, for assistance.

Remember, our annual membership dues are now payable on or before January 31st of each year If you haven't paid your annual dues by that time, your issues of Clinical Anatomy will have stopped arriving (either electronic or hard copy).  If you wait 4-5 months past the due date to send in your annual membership dues, you will not begin receiving your journal again until payment has cleared and your name and mailing address is sent in our monthly update to Wiley.  All Hard Copy back issues due to you will then generally come in a single mailing with the future issues being delivered again monthly.  

Not Receiving Emails from AACA? 

To ensure that you receive communications from the website (i.e. dues renewal emails, receipt confirmations, conference emails etc.), please have your IT department whitelist the website domain name www.clinical-anatomy.org, starchapterhost.com, and starchaptermailhost.com.  Additionally, please add [email protected] to your contacts/address book.